“New Yorker Iron Lyon delivers fresh and creative rhymes on this sampling from his album, “Time Capsule”. Melodic rap with a timeless flavor, Iron Lyon evokes a sense of nostalgia in this nod to old-school hip-hop. From the tuneful compositions to the polished sonics and tight delivery, Iron Lyon holds his own as a rapper who is innovative as well as musically skilled.

“Hold That” is a standout track, making creative use of samples and invoking a mellow vibe that feels like an airy 70’s movie soundtrack. “Fresh To Depth” featuring C-Rayz Walz & Tableek is another retro inspired homage to the classics, while “New Day” keeps the groove going with its tight rhymes and solid beats. Iron Lyon uses samples in a way that is both appropriate and musical, resulting in memorable raps that stand apart from mainstream hip-hop’s often derivative fare.”
(Beeb Ashcroft from

“Brooklyn, New York DJ/MC Iron Lyon has just released his debut record, TIME CAPSULE: featuring crisp vintage millennium production, classic turntablism and exciting guest features from Vordul Mega, Craig G, C Rayz Walz, and Tableek.”
(The Urban Kerouac)

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